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Recreational Gymnastics

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45 minutes  | 2 years old

A co-ed, parent-assisted class. Children will begin gaining more independence and practice following directions. They will continue working on coordination,  fine and gross motor skills, balance, and spatial awareness. Great effort is placed on improving listening, cooperative and social skills.

Not available at this time


45 minutes  |  3 - 4 years old

Children are now ready to participate independently in this class. They will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills such as tumbling and fundamental skills such as standing in line and waiting their turn. Flexibility and agility are increased while keeping a focus on building self-esteem and confidence. 


1 hr  |  Co-ed | 5-7 years old  &  8+ years old

This class is geared towards children with little or no experience in gymnastics. Classes are divided by level of ability and age (5-7 years old & 8 years and older).

*If your athlete is interested in moving through the levels quickly and into the competitive program, it is recommended for them to attend two sessions a week.


1 hr  |  Co-ed | 

This class is for students who want to develop their tumbling skills and abilities. The class focuses on form and technique, covering handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings.  

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