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  • Enrollment Information- Alpha Gymnastics is a year round gymnastics school. Each session is 4x consecutive weeks long based on when the student attends their first class. Students register for 1 class per week are registered for 4 classes. Students registered for 2 classes per week are registered for 8 classes. System will auto enroll after every 4th or 8th class. 

  • A credit card on file is required as our system will continue registering and charge the accounts automatically every 4x weeks.

  • A late fee of $15 will be charged to every account 5x days past due.

  • If a students account is not up to date after attending 1x class, they will be automatically dropped and lose their spot in the class.

  • In the circumstance you would like to cancel your students gymnastics membership, we require a 30x day cancellation request to be sent via email at If your next payment is due within the next 30x days of your email, you will be charged 1x last time.



  • The first 10-15 min of class are warm up and stretching. This is an important part of the class as it prevents injuries. We will not take a student arriving past 10 minutes late as they will miss this warm up time and it will not be safe. In the event that you run over 10 minutes late, please email us for a make up class.

  • A late fee of $1 per minute will be added to every early drop off (earlier then 5x minutes) and late pick up after 5x minutes.

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