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Covid Protocol Update (December 2021)

  • Although we highly recommend wearing a mask, as of December 2021, we are now following a "mask optional" protocol.  

  •  All employees and students continued to be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the facility. If your family does not agree with sanitizing, please do hand washing instead. Your student will not be able to take her class without sanitizing/washing hands.  *** We do have a hand sink in the front observation area.

  • Our facility is deep cleaned every 24 hours.     

  • The number of adults in-house continues to be limited as we continue to social distance.(limited to 1 adult, no siblings. If siblings do attend please have them sit in your lap to allow sitting for another parent)

  • Families are required to agree and following "Parent & Student Participation Agreement': 

Parent & Student Participation Agreement

  • I agree to keep my child home if he/she or anyone in my family is coughing, has a temperature of or over 100, or other Covid-19 symptoms.

  • My student will bring a labeled bag to the gym each day with all the required items (water bottle, hand sanitizer, hair tights, bandaids)**if your student does not bring a bag, we will not be able to keep your student's water bottle and shoes in the front. 

  • I agree to have my student and myself use the restroom before arriving at Alpha. 

I am a Parent, staying to observe:

  • Only one adult and no siblings will attend to observe. If I have a second child with me, he/she will not take a chair space.**Please note that other parents would also like to observe their children and we have a limit capacity per class. 

  • I agree not to stand on the hallway or move chairs around.

  • I agree to follow physical distancing standards of 6 feet while at the gym.

  • I agree not to block the entrance for students to come in and allow my child and other children to come in first and only enter the facility when all children (your student and other students) are safe inside. 

  • I agree to exit the facility 5 min before class is finished so that students may leave class safely. I also agree not to crowd outside the door and leave space for students to exit and enter the building. **Your are welcome to enjoy conversation with other parents by the side of the building. 

I am a Parents, dropping off & Picking up 

  • I agree not to drop off early. Since drop off should be 3 min before class, I agree to wait inside my car if I arrive early.

  • I agree to pick up my student on time. A fee will be charged to my account for pick up after 5 min. 

  • At drop off, I agree not to leave unless I know my student is inside the building. I will not drop off if the door is closed or if no one is in the reception area. 

  • At pick up, I will pull my car to the front entrance, my student will walk out only when she sees my car.  My car will be facing east.

  • I will not drop off and pick up my student in the opposite direction of traffic (your car should face east).

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