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Alpha Gymnastics & Recreation is a family owned and operated facility providing children a safe, physically empowering and educational environment for gymnastics and fitness programs.

Our Mission

To create an engaging atmosphere where children grow and learn by playing boundlessly, discovering their potential and building self-confidence.

Play Boundlessly

 Physical activity helps children build a strong core foundation; Play and movement is essential for growth and learning. From a crawling baby to a somersaulting teenager, offering your children of all ages a safe place to push their physical limitations will instill determination and consistency - skills required for lifelong success.

Discover Potential

When children are provided the essential guidance and appropriate space, they can overcome their own physical and emotional challenges. In effect, perseverance boosts self-esteem and unlocks the potential unique to each child.


Build Confidence

Gymnastics not only promotes fitness but also an overall healthy lifestyle. As children progress in their physical abilities, they will grow in self-confidence while also developing their social skills and cognitive functioning.

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