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  • Schedule a make up class via email at: Once your student misses their class, please send us an email requesting makeup class availability. Please wait for a confirmation email before attending. We will NOT be able to schedule make up classes via phone or in person.

  • Cancel your make up class? If you can not attend your scheduled make up class, you must cancel with 24 hours notice via email only.  Please be advised, if you missed your scheduled make up class, your make up token will still be redeemed - you forfeit the make up class and will not be able to reschedule. 


  • Parents are responsible for scheduling makeups, being aware of the account’s makeup tokens and schedule the makeup class via email before the token expires. 

  • Makeup tokens expire after 30 days from the date issued.

  • In the case of injury or sickness related cases that require a longer absence, please email as soon as possible with a doctor’s note.

  • Student must use makeup token in an approved makeup class. No walk ins allowed.

  • Students enrolled in one class a week/4x week session will receive one makeup token per session.

  • Students enrolled in more than one class/4x week session will receive two makeup tokens per session.

  • Makeup tokens may only be redeemed while the student is actively enrolled; any makeups remaining once enrollment ends or student is dropped will be forfeited.

  • Makeup tokens are non-transferable to other students or family members.

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