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Attire & Gym Bag Policy 

All students are required to:

  • Wear hair up in a pony tail or bun. No other hair accessories that may hinder student from doing floor exercises.  Hair accessories with pins are dangerous as students perform some exercises such forward rolls.

  • Wear athletic clothing: Leotard, shorts/leggings & t-shirt. No jean or jegging clothing nor clothes containing zippers or buttons.

  • Only small earrings - no other jewelry or accessories (including fitness watches)..

  • Flip flops or crocs - no shoes that are difficult to put on as they may need to use the restroom and SHOES ARE REQUIRED FOR BATHROOM USE.

All students are required to bring  the following:

  • Filled and labeled water bottle; WATER ONLY - NO JUICE & NO GATORADE.  Water fountains are closed - you will not be able to refill their water bottle. We do have water bottles for sale $1 - cash only. 

  • Special hand sanitizer if your child has allergies as we sanitize the students hand before they enter the gym for class.

  • Band aids and tape for bars if your child continuously has rips.

  • A pouch with extra hair ties. We do not have any to spare. Your student will not be able to take class with hair down. 

  • Tissues


Thank you in advance for your help in making sure your students has everything she needs for class. 

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