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                                          STARTING OCTOBER 12 


At Alpha, our goal is to encourage students to stay active by participating in our after school physical activity program.  


Our after school physical program focuses on:   

  • This program takes place after school.  It is design to help children with physical activity after a long day of virtual learning. Registered children will participate in a variety of physical activity classes such as gymnastics, tumbling, stretching, conditioning, games, social interaction, and lots of FUN.


  • The program is available Monday through Friday  3pm - 5:30pm.  

  • Parents drop off children at 3:00pm (no early drop offs allowed)

  • Warm up and Stretching 3:00 - 3:30

  • Physical Activity 3:30 - 4:30  

  • Bathroom and snack break 4:30 - 4:45 (we do not provide snacks)

  • Physical Activity 4:45  - 5:30 

  • Parent pick up 5:30

  •  You may choose one day or the entire week.

  • Children can do the full program and be pick up at 5:30pm, or may be picked up at any time during the duration of the program.


  • $50 weekly 

  • $36  3 x a week

  • $15 daily 

Who can join?

  • Our after School physical activity program is designed for elementary and middle school aged children (age 5 to 12). 

  • This program is strictly a physical activity/sports program. We do not provide child care. If your child does not want to participate in the physical activities, he/she will not be able to stay in this program.

  • Because of social distancing restrictions, registration is limited to 10 students per day.  Registration requires 24 hours to reserve a spot.  No last minute drop offs. (we will not take extra children once or 10 child ration has been filled - pls do not disappoint your child and come in without a previous registration confirmation)   


What to pack?

  • Please pack a light snack - we do not provide snacks. Also pack 2 bottles of water (no juice or soda allowed). Please note that our water fountains are closed and children will not be able to refill their bottles.   

  • Please make sure your child brings in a back pack where they will place their snacks, water, and shoes (a Publix bag or zip lock bag would be ideal for shoes) Children will not be allowed to stay without their bag. 

Please create your family account and log in to view prices:

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